A woman’s cycle


On a bike

When I first saw him… my heart fluttered with glee. My mind raced through all the possibilities of what we could be. My heart quickened as I drew closer. A tinge of fear traveled through my spine, yet his sturdy and well-built frame beckoned me still. Should I? Could I? Would I be safe? I hardly knew anything beyond what my eyes perceived. He was strong. His body shaped so handsomely. The light blue color on him was heavenly.

I couldn’t resist. My physical urge overcame my fear and I just stopped thinking. As anticipation pulsed within my being I spread my legs to mount his already hard body. Together we moved in every which way. My hair became tousled and my breath shallow as our bodies moved in unison. He knew how to move in a way that pleased me. The exhilaration I felt encompassed my soul as I let out a sigh of pure joy. The sense of new-found freedom within my soaring soul brought tears to my eyes as I gasped for more. I hung on tight the faster we went.

As time progressed we slowed our pace. I was out of breath and my legs shaking from riding him so hard. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so free. So uninhibited. He made me feel safe. He carried me beyond what I thought I could do. I could trust him. As I unmounted him I relished in what I had just experienced. I stroked his body one more time.

I never knew it could be like this. I never knew that I would fall in love again. So unexpected.

I can’t contain my passion for him, so that’s when I get back on that bike and ride it hard! Who knew that I would love bicycling so much? Thanks Divvy bikes for reigniting my passion.


So, what now?


My heart goes out to those in Boston who faced the unthinkable today. Tonight many are praying for the citizens of Boston, the marathon runners, family and friends, and heroes who are selflessly helping others. I, too, have prayed for them. I also pray for the ones who have lost the knowledge of their true value and real purpose in life; only to find it in causing torment and harm to others.

So, what now?  Who really knows?

I don’t, but here’s what I believe. I believe that we ought to continuously pray, not just for Boston, but for all humanity. After all some people live in fear for their lives everyday. We should choose to live purposefully in making each day better than the previous one. Be more compassionate towards others. Truly connect with others. Give when and what you can; be it a smile, a look of acknowledgment, a dollar, a minute, blood, etc. Don’t get caught up in the rhetoric of blame; rather, get caught up in being the solution.

GOD bless everyone!

Guido in the hizzaaayyyy!!!!

Digital Caricature

The above digital caricature is NOT the guido, so don’t even try to think it. Sheesh!

Anyhoo, a friend of mine was invited to Yelp’s Elemental Party on Sat., April 6 at Castle, which was formerly known as douchebag central. j/k. Or am I? It used to be the infamous and legendary Excalibur. <rolls eyes>  The party was good with lots of food and drinks to be had, which was proven by a young lady who was unable to stand on her own at around 9PM. Oh my! Action Booth was in attendance taking fun action shots, prizes were being given away and digital caricatures were being drawn. I had to have one! So my friend and I stood in line… and stood… and stood…

As it became closer to our turn to be drawn a man in his late 40′s, decent looking, with a British accent jumped the long line and began a conversation with us. He began by complimenting us and saying he felt bad for cutting in line. So I told the people behind us that we do not know this man at all! No one cared, so we continued to party chat. It was finally my friends turn to get drawn. As the stranger and I stood waiting our turn he said to me “you’re very pretty. Do you find that offensive?”  I replied, “I never find it offensive when people speak the truth.” He replied, “I guess you really like yourself.”

I’ll tell you what. I DO like myself. A LOT! But what I don’t like is someone who cuts in line, tries to take advantage of others, and compliments me thinking he’s going to get something, like his caricature drawn faster or my number. Suffice it to say that because of his actions his kind words and compliments would get him nowhere with me.  But I guess in the end he did get his caricature faster than the others he cut in front of and he got to give me a back massage. He is one lucky guido!

Easter shmeaster!!!


Have you ever stopped to think about the origination of Easter?

Here’s the short unverified version of Easter as we know it today. It all started with the worship of a pagan goddess, Eastre, who represented a new life and a new beginning. In Eastre’s time the rabbit was a symbol of fertility. I guess even the ancient folks recognized that rabbits are frisky. LOL! The egg was a sacred symbol from where Eastre was born. So there you have it. Then why do so many Christians follow these pagan traditions while celebrating and honoring the resurrection of Christ? Because that’s what we were taught and how we celebrated it at church. What can I say?

Here’s what I say. Who the hell cares?!!?!?!! Does it really matter that Christians celebrate Easter with a bunny and Easter eggs? I don’t think so. I believe it’s harmless to get excited about the Easter bunny, spring flowers, and beautifully colored hard boiled eggs. Because seriously who doesn’t love a hard boiled egg? I love them!!! Anyhoo, I digress. In the end Christians are still honoring and celebrating the resurrection of Christ and NOT the pagan goddess Eastre. Plus, traditions that bring families and love together are a good thing. So go out and celebrate today as you always have or start a new tradition!

Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Hello world!


The conception of my new child began in Aug/Sept of 2011 with an email from a deals site. The deal was for 30 days of membership to a dating site. I can’t even remember the dating sites name at this point. Anyhoo, I thought it’d be both fun and funny to go on random dates, then write about them. Wow! What a novel idea. Right? Well, of course it’s not a novel idea. The novelty would come from my choice to act a’fool on these dates, whether it be to act like the stereotypical timid Asian woman or be loud & boisterous or totally nerd myself up… you get the picture. As I thought more about developing this idea I became bogged down with needless worry about content and style, laziness, fear and forgetfulness. The latter always being an issue. After much prodding from friends I am excited to announce that my blog has finally been birthed after 1.5 years of incubation and on my birthday. Happy birthday to my blog and me!

Now someone help make my blog purty… please.


P. S. – the above blog cover photo was taken by Jeff Chen. He would DIE if I didn’t give him credit. ;o)