Hello world!


The conception of my new child began in Aug/Sept of 2011 with an email from a deals site. The deal was for 30 days of membership to a dating site. I can’t even remember the dating sites name at this point. Anyhoo, I thought it’d be both fun and funny to go on random dates, then write about them. Wow! What a novel idea. Right? Well, of course it’s not a novel idea. The novelty would come from my choice to act a’fool on these dates, whether it be to act like the stereotypical timid Asian woman or be loud & boisterous or totally nerd myself up… you get the picture. As I thought more about developing this idea I became bogged down with needless worry about content and style, laziness, fear and forgetfulness. The latter always being an issue. After much prodding from friends I am excited to announce that my blog has finally been birthed after 1.5 years of incubation and on my birthday. Happy birthday to my blog and me!

Now someone help make my blog purty… please.


P. S. – the above blog cover photo was taken by Jeff Chen. He would DIE if I didn’t give him credit. ;o)

8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. So excited to see this blog get off the ground. Happy Birthday to Mary and priMARY love! Can’t wait to see it grow and develop. I will support you throughout the journey anyway I can. Now let’s celebrate!

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