Guido in the hizzaaayyyy!!!!

Digital Caricature

The above digital caricature is NOT the guido, so don’t even try to think it. Sheesh!

Anyhoo, a friend of mine was invited to Yelp’s Elemental Party on Sat., April 6 at Castle, which was formerly known as douchebag central. j/k. Or am I? It used to be the infamous and legendary Excalibur. <rolls eyes>  The party was good with lots of food and drinks to be had, which was proven by a young lady who was unable to stand on her own at around 9PM. Oh my! Action Booth was in attendance taking fun action shots, prizes were being given away and digital caricatures were being drawn. I had to have one! So my friend and I stood in line… and stood… and stood…

As it became closer to our turn to be drawn a man in his late 40′s, decent looking, with a British accent jumped the long line and began a conversation with us. He began by complimenting us and saying he felt bad for cutting in line. So I told the people behind us that we do not know this man at all! No one cared, so we continued to party chat. It was finally my friends turn to get drawn. As the stranger and I stood waiting our turn he said to me “you’re very pretty. Do you find that offensive?”  I replied, “I never find it offensive when people speak the truth.” He replied, “I guess you really like yourself.”

I’ll tell you what. I DO like myself. A LOT! But what I don’t like is someone who cuts in line, tries to take advantage of others, and compliments me thinking he’s going to get something, like his caricature drawn faster or my number. Suffice it to say that because of his actions his kind words and compliments would get him nowhere with me.  But I guess in the end he did get his caricature faster than the others he cut in front of and he got to give me a back massage. He is one lucky guido!