So, what now?


My heart goes out to those in Boston who faced the unthinkable today. Tonight many are praying for the citizens of Boston, the marathon runners, family and friends, and heroes who are selflessly helping others. I, too, have prayed for them. I also pray for the ones who have lost the knowledge of their true value and real purpose in life; only to find it in causing torment and harm to others.

So, what now?  Who really knows?

I don’t, but here’s what I believe. I believe that we ought to continuously pray, not just for Boston, but for all humanity. After all some people live in fear for their lives everyday. We should choose to live purposefully in making each day better than the previous one. Be more compassionate towards others. Truly connect with others. Give when and what you can; be it a smile, a look of acknowledgment, a dollar, a minute, blood, etc. Don’t get caught up in the rhetoric of blame; rather, get caught up in being the solution.

GOD bless everyone!