Easter shmeaster!!!


Have you ever stopped to think about the origination of Easter?

Here’s the short unverified version of Easter as we know it today. It all started with the worship of a pagan goddess, Eastre, who represented a new life and a new beginning. In Eastre’s time the rabbit was a symbol of fertility. I guess even the ancient folks recognized that rabbits are frisky. LOL! The egg was a sacred symbol from where Eastre was born. So there you have it. Then why do so many Christians follow these pagan traditions while celebrating and honoring the resurrection of Christ? Because that’s what we were taught and how we celebrated it at church. What can I say?

Here’s what I say. Who the hell cares?!!?!?!! Does it really matter that Christians celebrate Easter with a bunny and Easter eggs? I don’t think so. I believe it’s harmless to get excited about the Easter bunny, spring flowers, and beautifully colored hard boiled eggs. Because seriously who doesn’t love a hard boiled egg? I love them!!! Anyhoo, I digress. In the end Christians are still honoring and celebrating the resurrection of Christ and NOT the pagan goddess Eastre. Plus, traditions that bring families and love together are a good thing. So go out and celebrate today as you always have or start a new tradition!

Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Sunday!